INMA Webinar: El Colombiano’s ECOLab: Design Thinking As a Creative Tool to Face Change

Event description

El Colombiano created an internal strategy and innovation lab called ECOLab (its Spanish acronym) to take a design thinking approach for strategic growth and problem-solving. In this Webinar from Editor Martha Ortiz, learn how ECOLab has expanded the Colombian media company’s creative culture and solved issues like a Web site redesign and creating a magazine business unit. The concept behind ECOLab is based on design thinking methods from Bruno Munari, industrial design thinking, and El Colombiano's own concepts, yet how to use it as a creative tool can be applied at most media companies worldwide. Have fun and play smart. Don’t transform from broken. Don’t tinker. Start anew. That is the ethos behind ECOLab.

Webinar highlights:

  • Date: Wednesday, January 31
  • Time: 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. New York time
  • Cost: Free for you as an INMA member
  • How: Send an e-mail to Krista Avedikian at

The Webinar is only available to INMA members.

Presentation by Martha Ortiz, Editor, El Colombiano, Medellín, Colombia

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31 January 2018


Medellín, Colombia


This Webinar is only available to INMA members: